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Urwerk Replica UR-105M AITiN watch
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Basically, it is very simple to operate and use, even though the process behind it is very complicated. urwerk replica-URWERK EMC Time Hunter is a unique product: it allows amazing interaction between the watch and the wearer, allowing the wearer to automatically adjust the watch according to their lifestyle, where they live and where they normally wear the watch. This is not the first time watchmakers have tended to tailor their watches to the wearer. However, this is the first time that the wearer can adjust the watch easily, without any knowledge of tabulating, and wear the watch in their own way. This is fantastic.

URWERK EMC Time Hunter is more than just a functional update of the old EMC. The brand also decided to update its look. This is mainly a renovation as the shape of the box is still the same as previous versions. In the first version there were 4 small sub-dials, split signs, seconds, power reserves and precision, and this new "hunter" feels a bit classically -- perhaps more friendly with the wrist -- with large openings around the entire 4 signs.
The new design may be considered less daring than the previous one, but on the other hand, the first EMC may go too far for some. This "time hunter" could be URWERK's DNA(even though it's very different from the ur-210), a strong and recognizable design, bold enough to stand out from the crowd, the last good blend between decent everyday wear and clear signs. Of course, given its unique shape, special strap attachment system and overall look -- almost military and very tool-like -- watch replicas-- the watch is not a standard item. Apparently, that's part of the fun of wearing URWERK. Maybe it's missing a bit of elegance, but guess what, we love this watch, in monochrome watches.

[Image: Urwerk%20replica%20UR-105M%20watch.jpg] 

URWERK EMC Time Hunter --replica urwerk watches sale comes in 2 versions (each version will produce 15), one of which is pure titanium and steel with beet-painted surface, yellow index and black band on the black dial; One is titanium and steel, painted with military green ceramic and mounted on a fabric black strap (we use tweed straps here, like the ur-110 eastwood). Delivery has just begun. The titanium version costs sfr110,000 (before tax) and the military green-coated version costs sfr115,000 (before tax).
Before we finish testing the URWERK EMC Time Hunter, there's one thing we want you to know: this watch is unique. None of the other timing devices allow such interaction with the wearer, monitor the wearer's accuracy or adjust it. Given the number of technologies deployed, the overall idea is great and surprisingly well executed. The best thing is ease of use... It's almost as simple as using a smartphone. Some people will say that the design is strange, or that the concept is somehow useless. Instead of enjoying these innovative ideas, we let them speak.

You may remember the original version of the URWERK ur-105, the hand-wound iron knight and the dark knight, which we introduced to you in 2014. This is URWERK's first attempt to do something on a lower scale -- just a little, not too much -- without losing the brand's DNA. Then, in 2015, there was a new version that did not update the shield-like design and modified the entire base movement to become automatic :URWERK ur-105 TA automatic aka URWERK knight. One thing the two have in common (as do URWERK's other works) is the very modern, almost industrial and robotic design. This year, the brand has maintained an industrial, but not contemporary, best fake watches look with more steampunk and organic elements :URWERK ur-105 t-rex.

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