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ind and rain, clouds and rain, see the smoke and rain
ind and rain, clouds and rain, see the smoke and rain building before, I am still waiting for you to look back in an instant, no matter how the world rotates, I am still waiting for you to rub shoulders, rain and snow Newport Cigarettes, whether to leave you looking for my footprints, or you I am too late to leave, the moon is like water, starlight, I am still waiting for the lucky star that belongs to me, everything will not go away at any time, and become the waiting of the Iraqis Marlboro Gold Pack, when are you? I walked through my mind, but I still left a deep footprint. I was so tired that I stopped and thought about it. I was tired of pursuing your figure. I once asked the world, there are so many infatuated women. I am waiting for someone to look back, the night is sketchy, the river of desolateness, the light of the account, the moment of incompleteness, to whom to tell the joys and sorrows, if I am not an infatuated woman, where is the joy and joy of separation. The breeze raises the dust, you know that I won't feel it will not respond, even if the white elf gently embraces me in the winter, let the wind clear my eyes in the morning frost, I know I am waiting There will never be a return to the road, never ending, Yan Yulou, I still wait for you to look back.I have had close contact with her, and you will definitely think about it when you look at the topic! Want to know what happened? Then let's go and find out!Today, I am going to date her! When I got there, she had been waiting there for a long time and seemed to be eager for my arrival Marlboro Red. When we met, we embraced deeply, she was as gentle and lovely as before. She stayed with me all the time, we walked together, passing through the flowers and plants, insects and shrimps. Finally we came to the world that belongs to us.We swim in the free world. At first I was afraid, I was afraid, I quit the world, standing in front of this world silently watching and watching. And she was so disappointed because I left our world Carton Of Newports. Just when we were deadlocked, a passer-by walked. He patted me on the shoulder and attached it to my ear and said, "Go, be a man, be brave, I am quite you!" I am, I don't know what to do.I finally decided, I went to the world, I merged with the world, I was in close contact with her, we played together and played together. Sometimes she loses her temper, she makes me suffer a lot; sometimes she is understanding and makes me comfortable and happy; sometimes she is naughty Carton Of Cigarettes, and I am full of it. We have had a good time together. However, there are banquets in the world. After all, we have to separate. I left our world and left her.Seeing here, are you more imaginative? More sure of your own guess, then you are very wrong, she is water, gentle water, I am intimate contact with water!

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