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In the summer of 2013, we are about to say
In the summer of 2013, we are about to say goodbye to each other. I can't restrain my heart's disappointment, recalling the bits and pieces of the past, the memories of the four flavors of sweet and sour taste have already been printed in my mind and cannot be erased.I remember that on May 12, 2008, a 8.0-magnitude earthquake occurred in Wenchuan, Sichuan, after the news. Everyone in our class is sour in heart, because we know that Wenchuan has children as big as us. They don��t have their own safe haven---home, no campus, no everything, they have already lived Lost hope. Our classmates have given their love and used their own pocket money. The lucky money helps the children in the disaster area to tide over the difficulties.I remember that there was a one-year sports meeting. The radio gymnastics in our class won the first place. The classmates were very happy. They had forgotten the hardships of training under the scorching sun. These sufferings have turned into sweet fruits.I remember that during the fifth grade military training, we left our parents. In the military academy, we are no longer "little princesses" and "little princes", but an independent small soldier. In 5 days, we learned to unite, learned to suffer, learned to not tears, and become strong!I once remembered an English midterm exam Cigarettes Online. The average grade of our class was the end of the whole year. Everyone was very upset. There was a burning "pain" in the heart because we didn't admit that it was worse than other classes!Maybe, I shouldn't remember it, then I won't be sad, but in the six spring, summer, autumn and winter, the affection between my classmates and me has already turned into an unforgettable river and flowed into my life. in.In the last summer of my elementary school life, I was filled with sadness and rebellious melody, but he I really graduated. I used to envy those graduates. I envied that tm stepped into middle school and had more friends and girlfriends. So I also wanted to graduate soon, but now I have a graduation photo in my hand, and the students are crying and crying, only to know that we really graduated, and at the same time Parliament Cigarettes, the sadness in our hearts is slowly emerging.In the past, there was always a bastard team leader who had been urging us to hand in homework. If I didn��t finish it, I would also accept the ��God��s Power��, and my ears would be worn out. I always wanted to rush to ta for a meal to solve my heart. "Hate", but now, leaving the bastard tes not used to it, I hope that in middle school, there is still a bastard team leader, always said in his ear: "Why, do not pay homework, die Ah! Come on, don't look like the old man of 80 years old Carton Of Marlboro Reds, the old lady..." "You didn't write homework, you said, the first time! I told you, don't give me before lunch Marlboro Gold Pack. Look, watch your ears, and my "Jiuyin white bone claws" heard? Still not going to..In the past, there was always a class teacher who cares about us, who is harsh and laughs at us. We have a cold. She will be anxious. We will fall. She will worry if we are injured. She is like our mother, who cares for us. Watching us grow up. She made a mistake to us, we will be invited to the office, and we will swear by the "dog blood", she loves to laugh, we obey, read seriously, she will send a beautiful, sweet Carton Of Cigarettes, heart-lifting An evocative smile.

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