023: Polres – Serang November 2007

Product ID: NSI-023
Name: Police Application
Status: Progress Done
Launch: November 2007
Description: Aplikasi Polres Serang
Address: http://polres-serang.com

– Using PHP MySQL (Linux or Windows) Offline and Online
– Organized user level
– Organized person identity
– Organize place of jail
– Organize withness
– Organize victim
– Organize incident
– Report jail
– Report incident/event/instance
– etc..

This site is Information Collection about all kind of thief , corruption, Jail etc for police. This is help police to poll all information about it.
This site is used in Police Head Officer and each Police station. Police can get information as graphical, and text. All information is sent to server (Central Police) from each Police Station.

Coorporate with IMS (Internet Media Solution) work as team by:
Si You Yi
– Muhammad Aljawaad


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