024: Visel Center – Jakarta – December 2007

Product ID: NSI-024
Name: Hanphone Customer Service Application
Status: Progress 98% (project stop)
Launch: December 2007

VISEL is the leading provider of after market services for consumer mobile communication and digital electronic devices in Indonesia.
Provides a wide spectrum of after market services to both our service partner (Collect Point, SubContactor) and end consumers.

– Using PHP MySQL (Linux or Windows) Offline and Online

– Organize Sub Contractor / Branch
– Organize Collect Point User
– Organize Customer Job
– Organize Job CS
– Organize Shipment
– Check Customer
– Reprint Job Card
– Reprint Acknowledge Form
– Reprint Shipment
– Confirm Job Admin
– Create JobIssue
– Create Quotation
– Create Invoice
– Create Services Job (technician)
– Check Quality Control
– Stock In, Stock Out, Parts, Brand, Bom Model
– Report Stock Inventory
– View All General Report with many variation filter

Coorporate with IMS (Internet Media Solution) :
– 1st programmed by Kurniawan Nugroho aka Maswan
– Re-coded and Fixed by Muhammad Aljawaad
– Continued by Budi Wijoyo
– Re-Continue by Jawaad and Si You Yi


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